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Kate Hunt – Congressional Record


Kate Hunt, Congressional Record (2013), nails, twine, and encaustic

There’s a sort of literalness to the visual of a stack of documents that have been cut, fused together, and nailed through. But the underlying idea strikes me as timely and substantive. Kate Hunt’s Congressional Record is a representation and a reminder of how so much information quite quickly becomes inaccessible. Sometimes it’s not actually inaccessible; you can, after all, look up government documents even though most of us never do. But sometimes it really is impossible to revisit information once it has flowed past. In an age when we tend to think of information as immaterial it’s welcome to see it rendered hyper-material.


Kate Hunt – Above the Couch


Kate Hunt, Above the Couch (2012), Newspaper and steel, 12″ x 59″ x 10″. On view at Portland Art Museum (Apex) until August 31, 2014.


Kate Hunt, Above the Couch (detail)

Kate Hunt’s Above the Couch is a layered, wall mounted sculpture made out of newspaper threaded on metal rods and then soaked in water. Apparently she even ages her sculptures outdoors through the Montana winter. The effect is a wonderful mix of the ephemeral and the monumental. Her sculptures begin with the daily newspaper, a perhaps vanishing cultural form, and then gives them a geological weight and permanence. For me her work recalls some of Richard Serra’s early sculpture and also softer work by the likes of Eva Hesse. There’s also something a bit morbid and sad about the piece as it is a record or an embalming of time, a highly compressed bundling of your daily reading and recycling.

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