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David Price – San Juan Triptych

San Juan Triptych

David Price, San Juan Triptych (2014) encaustic on panel, 12 x 36 in. On view at Butters Gallery

San Juan Triptych offers three views that evoke the San Juan Islands and their particular combination of mountain, sky, sea, coast, and weather. A strong horizon line and the layered effect of encaustic gives them an unusual sense of depth. The soft focus and moody color palette recalls Impressionist paintings, but here the intention seems opposite. Price seems to be concerned not with capturing a particular afternoon or weather effect, but rather something more timeless and generalized: the feel and look of a place as remembered, not seen. While these paintings are small they have a wonderful solidity and presence  – in part due to the exposed and extra wide edges of the canvas and in part due to the deep, transportive space of the landscapes.



Gwen Davidson – Wallowa Mountains


Gwen Davidson, Wallowa Mountains (2014), acrylic, charcoal on paper on canvas, on view at Froelick Gallery (April 29 – May 31, 2014 )

Gwen Davidson’s landscapes are intriguing collages of color and form that flicker between abstraction and representation. Wallowa Mountains depicts a landscape that appears stacked like some sort of geological layer cake. Davidson creates her painted collages by first painting on papers of different textures and then cutting them into different sized strips. These strips she then affixes to the canvas. It’s a sort of paint by numbers landscape that offers a quite fresh way of seeing. Most interesting to me was the tension at work in many of these paintings: at once they seem to cohere and resolve into familiar views and at the same time to fracture into facets and bits of raw nature, slabs of color and texture, rock and dirt.

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