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Kent Krugh – Mercer County White Oak


Kent Krugh, Mercer County White Oak (2012)
archival pigment print 17″ X 22″
On view at Blue Sky Gallery (Jan 2 – Feb 3)

Kent Krugh’s photomontages of trees offer a fresh and haunting view of a familiar subject. In Mercer County White Oak the leafless tree appears bright black and seems to stand in a barren field. The background, upon closer examination is full of fainter images of trees that form a floating, ghostly forest. This image and others in the series look unphotographic; Krugh explains that each is made up of between eight and eighteen individual photos of a tree and its surroundings. Part of what I find interesting is that this unusual technique produces an image that looks both fuzzily impressionistic and timeless and mystical. While impressionists worked quickly to capture fleeting atmospheric effects, Krugh works painstakingly to create what he describes as “a divine perspective or vantage point. It is as if one crosses through a gate or threshold into another realm, spiritual perhaps, where time and space are collapsed. From the perspective of the tree, they also represent a passage of events and time.” And they certainly reward the viewer’s time.

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