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Mark Malmberg – Hsiao Hua


Mark Malmberg, Hsiao Hua 2007. Carbon fiber reinforced bamboo, electronics with Bluetooth. On view at Blackfish Gallery until May 31, 2014

Mark Malmberg’s solar powered robotic mobile Hsiao Hua is a beguiling interweaving of the organic and the high tech. Solar panels, a computer, a motor, and a propeller are carefully lashed and epoxied to a bamboo frame, creating a beautiful creaturely sculpture. With sufficient light Hsiao Hua comes to life, emitting a series of chirps and whistles, wheeling and gliding. In the gallery this is surprising – a bit like walking into someone’s apartment only to be greeted by the squawks of a parrot. Hsiao Hua is an unusual and out of place life form and it makes me think about the relationships between animals and machines, nature and city, high tech and low. It’s also playful and clearly made with great craft and care.


Stephan Soihl – Small Rotating Painted Brass Winged Forms


Stephan Soihl, Small Rotating Painted Brass Winged Forms, 2013 Brass, motor, timers On view at Blackfish Gallery until May 31, 2014

Stephan Soihl’s wall mounted sculptures, which he imagines as performances, are elegant and precise, recalling Russian Suprematism or Bauhaus aesthetics. But there also seems to be a playfulness here. This sculpture moves slowly, almost imperceptibly, driven by a motor hidden on the other side of the wall. It continues its glacial movement until it reaches a tipping point and an arm swoops downward only to begin its upward climb once more. The performances on offer here are slow and subtle so you need to be willing to give them your time. But if you do you will be rewarded.

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