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Shinichi Miyazaki – River


Shinichi Miyazaki, River 2013-4, Douglas fir and ashfield stone On view at Augen Gallery until May 31, 2014

Miyazaki’s River is a gorgeous piece of smooth Douglas fir. The sloping form suggests, as the title would have it, a river. But I found myself thinking more of a watershed – the land that drains into a river. And of course trees depend on watersheds and rivers. The annual rings of the tree are exposed like geological strata. They’re a neat reminder that rivers exist in time – they change and evolve. Miyazaki clearly feels a reverence towards wood and trees. He notes that the wood that he works with is usually decades if not centuries old. He writes that, “I feel an obligation to mark its existence. … but basically I am trying to say thank you.” That sentiment certainly comes across and it’s infectious.


Morgan Walker – Full Moon


Morgan Walker, Full Moon (2014)
Ink and graphite on paper
On view March 6 – 29 at Augen Gallery

Morgan Walker’s charming drawing Full Moon is a sort of dinosaur nocturne. Two dinosaurs amble beneath a full moon. What looks like an Apatosaurus in the background eyes what looks like a Tyrannosaurus Rex in the foreground. This being a dreamy sort of scene, I presuming that no chase will ensue and they’ll continue on their way. But perhaps that’s just wishful thinking, a desire to preserve this childlike scene of the deep past, and to keep dinosaurs alive and well as repositories of our dreams.

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