Art And offers bite-sized examinations of single works of art. It aims to deliver accessible, attentive, and thought-provoking takes on selected works of contemporary art. The menu here is heavily skewed towards art that has something to say about our relationship to or our place in nature. Some of the featured works comment and meditate while others intervene more directly.

Art And is the work of Mark Feldman, a Portland-based writer and communications consultant (Writing Works). Many of the works discussed can be seen in and around Portland; it’s always best to experience art in person. But Art And also presents works not on view in Portland that explore themes such themes such as plastics, taxidermy, climate change, water, and waste.

I welcome comments, suggestions for works to feature, and other ideas for improvement. While I make my living working in marketing and communications (for more details see Writing Works), I also help artists write and talk about their work in ways that can refine their practice and further their career. If you are interested, send me an email; I will consider accepting payment in art.

Before moving to Portland in 2012 I taught writing and oral communication at Stanford University. Before that I received a PhD in Rhetoric from UC Berkeley. I grew up in New York City where I first started looking at and thinking about art.

For a long while I asked nothing of art more than beauty and visual interest. Starting a handful of years ago I became increasingly interested in art that stakes out some sort of position vis-à-vis pressing environmental issues such as climate change, land use, waste, consumption, and how we view and treat animals. I suspect and hope that art has great potential to change our perceptions and habits, our sense of place and obligation.

Thanks for reading and commenting, if you’re so inclined.


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