Julianna Cox – Snack for Sasquatch


Julianna Cox, Snack for Sasquatch
Mixed media
On view at The Arbor Lodge, until March 15th 2014


“Wild and Woolly: A Sasquatch-Themed Art Show” at The Arbor Lodge, a coffee shop, veers sharply and somewhat disappointingly towards the cute, kitschy, and hipstery. Yes, it’s fun to glance around at the array of Sasquatches, most of which seem to be related to Chewbacca, doing things like riding a unicycle, drinking tea, and simply strolling through the forest. But I found myself wanting wilder and woollier Sasquatches. One of my favorite works, refreshing in both its representation and materials is Julliana Cox’s Snack for Sasquatch. Made out of pipe cleaners it depicts Sasquatch tromping through the forest clutching his prey – what looks to be a giant root vegetable (this just in … Sasquatch is a vegetarian). The pipe cleaners strike a humble, post minimalist chord and there’s a subtle sort of humor in making your Sasquatch small enough to fit on a little shelf.



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